2023 Qua Brown seeing his hard work come to fruition. That lab work paying off big time.

We often see players work on their game but almost refuse to address their weaknesses.  They continue to work on step-backs, Euros, and all the cute and sexy moves that may or may not be used in game situations.  It’s another thing to look yourself in the mirror family and address those demons on the court.  You know the ones we’re talking about young hoopers.  The not so strong points in your game that you refuse to address – year in and year out.  Almost like a student who isn’t good at math but won’t sit down and just start from square one.  You spend hours training on the moves you’ve perfected, which is cool, but never want to take ownership and correct those you haven’t.  2023 Qua Brown has done the opposite.  Not only has he improved his overall game, he has done so while still being able to play at a high level.  It takes courage, commitment, and hours to fine tune your craft. It also takes a strong supporting cast to help you get over the hump.  We applaud Qua for stepping up to the plate and adding additional skill-sets to his repertoire.  He looked special during the RYZE Live Showcase on May 8-9, 2021.  Handling the rock making solid decisions, knocking down wet balls from deep, playing above the rim and finishing with ease, and perfecting his craft on the defensive end of the court – all were on display this weekend.  Don’t get too hard on yourself during the process young hooper.  Find your niche out there on the court but most importantly, continue to enjoy the game you love while showing a passion for what you do.  We’ll be watching… and believing in you. ‘Preciate your commitment to the game we love and cherish so much.

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