Popscout Chats: Coach Leo

  Fremont High Asst. Coach spoke with us during the 2019 Maranatha Summer Block party hosted by Tim Tucker and the Maranatha Minutemen staff.  Both Coach Leo and I  feel the gap between the talent at City Section and Southern Sections schools is closing slowly but surely.  Resources won’t. Popscout Elevate Yo’Game

Popscout Chats: 2020 Donovan Brown

2020 Donovan Brown Maranatha Football We sliding over to Football in a month or so.  We’ll be focusing in on those who exceed expectations on and off the field.

DNA Hoops Elite Open Run – Session II

DNA Hoops Elite Open Run Session II June 21 7-9pm Birmingham High Are you looking to get some work in between those tourney games?  Trying to see if your skills have improved without the pressure of coaches, parents, and spectators breathing down your neck? Or maybe you’re just a gym rat who loves the game…

Believe in your Team

Don’t have the pieces you need to be a top team on the CA HS b-ball circuit so you decide to take matters in your own hands. Hero ball we used to call it. Thinking you have to do it all in order for your team to come away with the W. Growing up playing…

Watch your demeanor

Demeanor on the court means everything. What’s with the hands going up and confused look on your faces whenever something doesn’t go your way. Who came up with that crap?? Get you butt back in the play and make it up on the defensive end of the ball. The referee didn’t give you the call…who…

Helter-Skelter Ball

Seeing a lot of frenetic play from teams during summer play. Players running up and down the court with little to no purpose but to get buckets, with a long leash from coaching staffs to express themselves. We usually see this on the girls side of the game but it’s becoming more and more prevalent…

Popscout Chats: 2020 Fidelis Okereke

6’6 PF Fidelis Okereke King Drew High June 17, 2019 The Nigerian born PF chats about improving his game and family first at King-Drew during the 2019 Maranatha Summer Block Party hosted by Maranatha High and Coach Tim Tucker. Popscout Elevate Yo’ Game

Popscout Image of the Day

Familiar faces during the summer as kids take a break from classes to get some home-cooked meals.  Remy Martin was showing his support for tourney play on June 16, 2019.  The former Sierra Canyon Trailblazer sporting the beard. Popscout Professional Sports Photography

Popscout Chats: 2020 Caden Starr

2020 Caden Starr was gracious enough to talk to us after their defeat against Ribet Academy June 16, 2019 (69-56).  Caden shares with us his thoughts on summer tourneys and the importance of developing a bond. Popscout Elevate Yo’ Game

Popscout Chats: Ribet Academy Head Coach Reggie Howard

Ribet Academy got a few pieces family.  They looked impressive during Championship play of the 2019 War on the Floor Summer Tourney, knocking off Santa Clarita Christian 69-56 June 16, 2019.  We spoke with HC Reggie Howard after the game who talked about his key players and the proverbial target now placed on their backs….

Popscout Chats: Santa Clarita Christian HC James Mosley

It’s great when the character of your team is dictated by the actions of your coach. Not once during the two games (semifinal and final) did we see coach verbally abuse his kids for mistakes he could have verbally teared into them.  At the end of the day, sometimes it’s better to develop a true…

Maranatha Summer Block Party Schedule

The Maranatha Summer Block party hosted by Maranatha High and Coach Tim Tucker kicks off today with teams from all over Southern California.  If teams have all of their pieces and come fully loaded, the MBP should turn out to be an interesting baromoter on how the 2019-20 season will unfold. Games played @ Maranatha…

Popscout Chats: 2022 Barrington Hargress

Undersized PG’s nowadays, have to show the ability to be super special with the rock.  2022 6′ 1 Barrington Hargress is a one to watch.  The Super Soph. showed why he’s one of the up and coming prospects for his class, showing up and out during the 2019 War on the Floor Tourney, guiding his…

Ribet Academy takes 2019 War on the Floor Summer Tourney

Game Recap Ribet Academy vs Santa Clarita Christian June 16, 2019 Burroughs High (Small Gym) Ribet Academy, using a 17-4 run to finish the game, defeats Santa Clarita Christian by the score of 69-56 to win The 2019 War on the Floor Tourney. Ribet Academy’s talented underclassmen of 6’5 W Tyler Powell (2021) and 6’1…