Dodgers representin’ that West

The Dodgers are back in the World Series.Images taken during the 2019 season. Popscout The Dodgers are back in the World Series against the Tampa Bay Devil Rays on October 20, 2020. Starting the best of seven game series at Dodger Stadium. The Dodgers haven’t won a title since 1988. It’ll be special for themContinue reading “Dodgers representin’ that West”

Takeaways from the ATL Summer Slam

ATL Summer Slam AAU Girls Basketball Hosted by FBC and Insider Exposure July 24-26, 2020 Suwannee, Georgia Suwanee Sports Academy Two premier AAU tournaments this past week, hosted by FBC and Insider Exposure, shed some light on the ‘state’ of girls basketball in the State of Georgia and beyond. The Atlanta Summer Slam and WarContinue reading “Takeaways from the ATL Summer Slam”

Images from the 2020 Tip Off Classic

It’s going down in the dirty south this weekend.  The Tip Off Classic is definitely the place to be, as programs test their skills against each other during rising COVID-19 concerns.  We’ll take a look at action from the final day and bring you our thoughts on AAU hoops in the dirty south.  They hoopin’Continue reading “Images from the 2020 Tip Off Classic”