It hit diff’ hearing that Coach Gibbons would no longer be leading Newton HS to the promise land.

Coach Gibbons checking his list duirng a GA HS game. Image by PopscoutHoops

It was a tough pill to swallow, hearing that Coach Charlemagne Gibbons had accepted a coaching position at Gainesville, thus ending his coaching tenure at Newton HS.  It was a good run for Coach Gibbons.  Having produced some of the top talent in the Peach State during his tenure. 

2021-22 Coach of the Year Charlemagne Gibbons takes a look at his squad during Region play. It was a nice run at Newton HS.  PopscoutHoops

We spoke briefly with coach during the 2023 GBCA Live Period this weekend as he talked about ‘liking what he sees’ from his Gainesville squad as he looks forward to having kids buy into his program by way of hard work and tough love.  We appreciate what you brought to the table for the Newton County Community Coach Gibb’s.  Good luck at Gainesville!

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