At the end of the day it’s going to come down to these three words…ARE YOU POLISHED?  Do you have the wherewithal to handle any diversity that comes your way, while still keeping your composure?  Being able to anticipate, read and react, and make solid basketball plays while adhering to focused, decision-making principles on the court. Mental aspects of the game that can’t be taught from training, it’s something you develop over time through minutes and becoming a student of the game.  Ask yourself, ‘am I polished and what do I need to work on to improve my game’?

Newton was up for the challenge in this one but fell a bit short during the 2nd half of play, losing by the score of 76-63.  Prolific Prep was a bit more polished and smelt blood during the 4th quarter. 2022 USC commit Tre White was on fire. He was the difference maker for Prolific Prep down the stretch.   With a couple of wet ball daggers from White, they took advantage of the moment and stretched the lead for good.  It was a good barometer reading nonetheless for Newton.  Wake up call, or whatever you want to label it.  Having now tasted defeat, they’ll bounce back, continue to work in the dark, and be ready for their next opponent. 

UCONN commit 2023 6’6 CG Stephon Castle is a jack of all trades hooper. He contributes in so many ways. PopscoutHoops

UCONN commit Stephon Castle was a beast, tallying 28 points with his ability to bully ball and score among the trees, as well as hit his mid-range stop and pops and a few wet balls from beyond the arc.  He knocked down 2-3ptrs on the night.  2023 Indiana commit Jakai Newton was under the weather and finished with 7 but still showed solid signs that he belongs.  2023 Georgia commit Qua Brown finished with 9, showing good all around mobility to his game.  2023 Marcus Whitlock added 5.  2022 F Mio Grant chipped in 8 while 2024 Tay Jefferies and 2022 F Daniel Pounds each contributed 3 points.  Newton was 14 for 24 from the line (58%). 

Newton next game:
1/4/21 vs South Gwinnett
Come out and support your Rams

2022 USC commit Tre White was in his bag. The 6'6 SG will be ready to step in and make an immediate impact for the Trojans. PopscoutHoops

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