Qua Brown is a pogo-stick who brings a Swiss-Army knife type of game to the table.  He contributes in a multitude of ways and is only scratching the surface of his potential.

Decisions, decisions, decisions.  With so many options on the table for hoopers these days (transfer protocol, OTE, G-League, overseas) the door is wide open to various paths and opportunities. Back in the day, student-athletes were loyal to one school(neighborhood) and one AAU / travel ball program.  Rarely did you see hoopers get a chance to smell that green-grass on the other side – for the simple fact that many would not test the waters – mainly because of loyalty and a reluctance to jump ship. 
Qua Brown out of Newton High gave his verbal commitment to the University of Georgia on Thursday, November 11, 2021. Proving that he’s willing to run the course with the State of Georgia for his amateur hoop career. He’s a 6’4 hybrid player who can be described as your Swiss-army-knife type of hooper.  As he continues to stay in the lab and finesse his game, he’ll continue to figure out the nuances of his role and what he can ultimately bring to the table at the next level.  At least that’s the plan. Under the tutelage of HC Charlemagne Gibbons and AAU Atlanta XPress founder Winfred Jordan, this young man is in good hands. 
With that being said, the wait is over.  The anticipation has come and gone.  It’s time to hoop young man.  Congratulations on your verbal commitment to The University of Georgia.

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