Keep an eye out on 2026 5’9 floor general Katie Harpring out of Maris(GA).  She was special during day one of the Walnut Grove Tourney of Champions on December 20, 2022.  She rebounds and pushes, dishes to her teammates, great vision, solid decision making skills, anticipates, good feet, and scores from all three levels.  She was very impressive for Marist who took care of business 64-28 against Walnut Grove.  A diamond in the rough for the Class of 2026?  Her play on the AAU circuit may ultimately be the deciding factor on how high she’ll rise up in the recruiting ranks.  Keep hoopin’ young soldier.

Elevate Yo’ Game

2026 Katie Halpring pushes the rock during the 2022 Walnut Grove Battle of Champions Invitational on December 20, 2022. Image by Popscout

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