14u Game Elite 360 tuff’ during Bob Gibbons TOC
Recap by Popscout
May 21, 2021

The Bob Gibbons TOC featured a gym full of up and coming hoopers, ready to stake their claim as the next big thing. The 14u/8th Grade Game Elite 360 squad featured a team full of student-athletes who excelled and caught our eye. The whole team seems to bring something to the table with solid play, excellent coaching and teaching behind them, and a willingness to share the ball and be special with one another.  As my HS Coach Joe Weakley from Crenshaw High in Los Angeles, CA used to say…Cohesion Man!. We could do an article on their entire squad, but we’ll focus on three soldiers who were standouts the game we scouted. We got a glimpse of these young hoopers in action against PCH Nightrydas SC (HSA) as they went on cruise control for the 82-61 dub at Rhodes Jordan Park on May 15, 2021, opening the tourney against a Nightrydas team who had several pieces as well.  So don’t get it twisted.

Let’s take a look at three soldiers who brought their own silverware to the table during opening day of the 2021 Bob Gibbons TOC hosted by Hoopseen.

Conner will be a knock down shooter and cerebral player on the court when he enters the HS Hoops Circuit.  Image by PopscoutHoops.

#2 Connor Staphylaris Class of 2025
5’11 SG
Palmer Middle School

A skilled CG who fills it up from all three levels of the court. He showed the ability to knock down shots, especially from long range, keeping his team ahead when Nightrydas tried to make a few runs. He also was slippery with the rock, getting to the rack and finishing in transition on several occasions. He showed natural instinctual abilities and shared the basketball with his teammates on the regular. Look for this young man to continue to develop into a knock down shooter and be a threat against opposing defenses once he makes the transition.

This young hooper was shakin’ and bakin’ with the rock, showing the ability to truly be special. Image by PopscoutHoops.

#9 Micah Tucker
6’0 PG 2025
East Cobb MS
Mt. Pisgah Christian School

A solid ‘floor-general’ PG with an offensive mindset, Micah shows a lot of swag and advanced skills at this stage of his game. His ability to break down defenders off the dribble and get to the basket was special. He also showed a lot of tools in his bag with an array of finishes, wet balls from beyond the arc, and just a good overall maturity and confidence in his style of play. Keep an eye out on this young hooper as he makes his transition to the next level. He’s a one to watch for sure. Mt. Pisgah Christian School got a solid prospect on their hands.

At 6’6, Game Elite’s coaching staff let’s Mr. Burgess handle the rock and express himself. We like that fam’. Image by PopscoutHoops.

#23 Terrione Burgess 6’6 F 2025
At 6’6, the big man was handling the rock, showing his ability to run the PG position – which is definitely what we like to see out of our bigs. He was tenacious on the offensive end of the court using his size to shoot over defenses and bully his way for buckets. As the game went on, he didn’t let up, finishing with several dunks to cement himself as a top prospect for day one of the Bob Gibbons TOC. We like what we see out of this young man. The coaching staff does an excellent job of letting him express himself with the ball in his hands and not micro-managing his game – like we see many coaches jumping up and down on the sideline screaming pass the ball (smdh).  With more lab work, strength, and playing minutes, look for this young hooper to rise to the top of the food chain at the end of the day.

In closing hoop junkies…Game Elite 360 14u has a team full of next-level athletes who’ll make the transition seamlessly to the HS Hoops circuit. Time will tell how many will truly become special from their commitment, passion, and love for the game. Man it’s going to be tuff’ seeing these young student-athletes develop over the next 4 years.

You best believe The Sports for Champions and PopscoutHoops will be out and about tracking your progress. Keep hoopin’ and stay humble. Game Elite 360 coaches, keep developing those players.

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