Zaiden Greene
5’10 PG
Union Grove Middle School / Union Grove HS
AAU: Atlanta Xpress Elite 2025
Class of 2025

Strengths: Ball handling, lock down defender, offensive skillsets from mid-range and beyond the arc
Lab Work: Develop a dog mentality, Take no prisoners, don’t be a nice guy. Become more offensive minded.

Love what my young soldier from Union Grove Middle School brings to the table. Zaiden runs the PG position for Atlanta XPress 2025 Elite. He’s built different in that he prides himself on playing defense. Are you kidding me? A young soldier who understands the value that comes with sitting and sliding, reading and reacting, and basically making plays without scoring a bucket? These are the diamonds in the rough coaches look for at an early age. He hooped during the 2021 Double Trouble Invitational Tourney, showing solid instincts, escapability with the rock, and High-IQ decision making from start to finish. Going 4-0 for the tourney while getting exposed to the AAU circuit in the process, was tuff’. We’ll continue to monitor your development young soldeir . Keep hoopin’ and continue to play the game the right way. It will pay off in the long run.

A few pictures during the 2021 Double Trouble Invitational played on March 13, 2021 at Mount Pisgah Christian School. It was a great way to open up the AAU season in style. Keep an eye out on this young hooper. He gonna become super special at the end of the day.

For the love of the game.

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