Geico Nationals sets the stage for top HS Girls Hoops.

Best in the business 2021 5’9 PG Raven Johnson is a Mickey D’s AA and the Jersey Mike’s Naismith High School Girls Player of the Year. Now that’s what’s up. She’s punched her ticket to the Gamecocks of South Carolina. PopscoutHoops

Winning 4 straight State Championships will get you noticed… and put a target on your back. That’s a good thing in the world of hoops, where fans want to see who can step their game up and perform at the highest level. Top hoopers should also want to go against the best to see where they stack up. That good old barometer reading you feel me. Well, the table is set for the 2021 Girls Geico National Championship – the best silverware is being used for this one. #1 Westlake will represent GA HS Hoops during the two-day event. There were only 4 girl hoop teams selected to play… so it was very slim pickings. After winning 4 straight Georgia State Playoff Championships, Westlake was a no-brainer. But to be the top team in the National Tourney is an honor. Look for the big three of 2021 Raven Johnson ( MCDAA, Naismith HS POY, South Carolina signee), Ta’Niya Latson (Top 5 2022 recruit), and 2021 Brianna Turnage (Virginia Tech verbal) to be on their A-Game in this one. The supporting cast of Westlake ain’t no joke either. They step up and out each game, providing that much-needed support when the going gets tough. Look for Westlake to be firing on all cylinders come April 2, 2021. The brackets are set. The players are battle-tested. Let’s get it on!!

2022 Ta’Niya Latson, seen here with her trainer putting in some lab work, puts up big-time numbers, and is a lock-down defender. She will be a problem during the Geico National Championships. PopscoutHoops
2021 Brianna Turnage is a jack of all trades on the court. BT_Snoop is multi-faceted to say the least. PopscoutHoops

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