December and January tourney scores

Big South Shoutout


Meadowcreek Vs. Trinity Christain-65-60 OT

Grovetown Vs.Creekside Christain 78-76

Newton Vs. Sandy Creek 63-59


Creekside Christian Vs. E Coweta 83-50

Liberty Heights vs. Hamilton Heights- 56-50

Pace Academy vs. Tucker-60-53

Champions Classic (Day 1) 


Woodward Academy Vs. Shiloh 56-55 (Shiloh)

McEachern Vs. Grovetown 

Pebblebrook Vs. Solid Rock 89-65 (Pebblebrook)

Kell Vs. Fayette 89-50 (Kell)

Grayson Vs. Arlington Christian 99-41(Grayson)

Sandy Creek Vs. Tri-Cities 73-65 (Sandy Creek)

North Atlanta Vs. Heritage School 64-26 (North Atlanta)

Mount Vernon Vs. Mundy’s Mill 58-52 (Mount Vernon)

Shiloh Vs. Solid Rock 87-57 (Shiloh)

Cumberland Christian Vs. Arlington 72-64 (CCA)

Fayette County Vs. Tri-Cities 93-87 (Fayette)

Woodward Academy Vs. Pebblebrook 78-57 (Peeblebrook)

McEachern Vs. Grayson 74-66 (McEachern)

Kell Vs. Sandy Creek 72-66 (Sandy Creek)

Mundys Mill Vs. Heritage School 80-37 (Mundys Mill)

Mount Vernon Vs. North Atlanta 55-48 (North Atlanta) 

Playing For A Change


Pebblebrook Vs. Wheeler 65-45 (Wheeler)

South Cobb Vs. Pace Academy 84-60 (Pace)

Kell Vs. Grayson 80-74 (Grayson)


Grayson Vs. Wheeler 60-59 (Grayson)

North Gwinnett Vs. Pace Academy  73-60 (Pace)

Longhorn Classics 


Newton High School Vs. Houston Hs 75-68 (Houston)

Milton Hs Vs. Denmark High School 72-68 (Milton) OT


Milton High School Vs. Houston High School 54-53 (Milton)

Milton Tip-Off 

Langston Hudges Vs. Parkview 64-61 (LHHS)

Newton Vs. Denmark No Score

Collins Hill Vs. South Cobb 69-63 (South Cobb)

Norcross Vs. McEachern 74-62 (McEachern)

Milton Vs.Grayson 75-64 (Milton)

New Years Classics 


Cherokee Vs. Dutchtown 55-40 (Cherokee)

Columbia Vs. Sequoya 65-60 (Sequoya)

Marietta Vs. Wheeler 78-61 (Wheeler)

McEachern Vs. Newton 67-55 (McEachern)

Pebblebrook Vs. Newton No Score Reported 

Kell Vs. Bermar 73-68 (Kell)

Queens of The Hardwood


Whitewater Girls Vs. The Galloway Girls 65-57 (Galloway)

Griffin Girls Vs. Greenforest Girls No Score Reported 

Langston Hudges GirlsVs. Spalding Girls 54-45 (LHHS)

Woodward Academy Vs.Columbus Girls No Score Reported 

West lake Girls Vs. McEachern Girls 68-64 (Westlake)

Tournament of Champions 


Roswell Vs. Meadowcreek 69-43 (Roswell)

Fayette Vs. Tucker 70-67 (Tucker)

McEachern Vs.Shiloh 67-61(McEachern)

Kell Vs. Hooch 

Berkmar Vs. East Coweta 70-42 (Berkmar)

Wheeler Vs. Lanier 79-64 (Wheeler)

North Gwinnett Vs. S. Cobb 64-59 (N. Gwinnett)

Victory Chr Vs. Grayson 80-52 (Grayson)


Fellowship Chr Vs. Wd Muhmad 

Heritage Vs. Druid Hills 

Salem Vs. Galloway 

St. Anne-Pacellli Vs. Miller Grove 

Mays Vs. Creekside 57-49 (Mays)

Mt Vernon Vs. Lithonia 55-46 (Lithonia)

Cumberland Chr Vs. Ws-Macon 

Fayette Vs. Cross Creek 

Roswell Vs. Meadowcreek 69-43 (Roswell) 

Greenforest Vs. Tucker 

North Gwinnett Vs. S Cobb 64-59 (North Gwinnett)

Shiloh Vs. St. Francis 

McEachern Vs. Victory Chrs 

Kell Vs. Hooch 

Bermar Vs. Lanier 

Wheeler Vs. Langston Huges 

Sequoyah Vs. Heritage-

Creekside Vs. Mount Vernon 65-40 (Mt Vernon)

WS Macon Vs. Grace Academy 

Salem Vs. St Anne Pacelli 83-78 (Salem)

Mays Vs. Lithonia 73-48 (Lithonia)

Cumberland Chr Vs. Cross Creek 68-61(Cross Creek)


Meadowcreek Vs. Fayette Co 65-58 (Meadowcreek)

Shiloh Vs. Hooch 

East Coweta Vs. Lanier 74-65 (Lanier)

South Cobb Vs. Victory Christian 60-49 (VCC)

Roswell Vs. Tucker 63-49 (Roswell) 

North Gwinnett Vs. Grayson 54-53 (Grayson)

McEachern Vs. Kell 75-74 (McEachern)

Wheeler Vs. Bermar 66-47 (Bermar)

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