As we start the new campaign, we got one question…you been working on your game? We see some of the same issues we saw from last season. Family, If you’re not willing to address those demons out there on the court, if you just practice and train on the same stuff you been working on, frankly if you don’t have the heart and grit to play through your mistakes, not get down when the coach gets on you, continue to push to become better, you won’t see any results and your play will continue to be at a stand still in terms of development.

Players who make it to the next level have the ability to take that lab work and apply it on game day. Image by Popscout.

We saw your game last year. You was scared to dribble. We saw your game in the summer, you was scared to dribble. Now when the season begins, guess what? You still scared. This game isn’t for you if you won’t address the weaknesses in your game and then put that lab work into play when game time comes around.

You just fooling yourself if you don’t and at the end of the day, I could use you so hit me up when it’s all said and done. If not, get in the lab, stop working on the same ass go to moves and drills, stay your ass off social media and believing the hype, and work on dribbling, court awareness, thick skin, and anything else you need to improve on to become great. If not, you just wasting your time.

Elevate Yo’ Game

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