Popscout Ones 2 Watch

We out and about this year. Not focusing on the so-called stars who feel as if they doing you a favor. We only taking a looking at those who are flying under the radar, staying humble, and appreciate your blessings. Be sure to be on your P’s and Q’s. You never know who’s watching and what they bring to the table in terms of boosting your recruitment to the next level. Everything counts when you chasing that elusive scholarship.

Elijah Chol
6’10 PF Forsyth Central
Class of 2022

Scouting Report:
Elijah is a 6’10 PF who plays football for his high school as well. The 6’10 big is still emerging on the offensive end, showing good promise and upside. We would love to see his team and coach do a better job of running sets for him and getting him involved more within the offense. He has tremendous feet, runs the floor very well, and protects the paint at all costs. He could bulk up and improve his upper body, at times a few defenders went right into his chest (as they should against shot blockers). We were very impressed with his ability to transition from one end to the next, his demeanor throughout the game, and his basketball IQ. After seeing this young man in action November 23, 2020 against a scrappy Rockdale, we feel as though he will continue to develop into a high major prospect in his class.

Elevate Yo’ Game

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