The Peach State is Special

The Peach State is Special
Bro…they long and athletic in the dirty. NBA Prototypes out here family. For the State of Georgia in terms of big time talent, the best is yet to come. They play a brand of basketball that’s physically demanding (back to back Region games on Friday & Saturday), some of the top run tournaments in the country, and players who are literally looking to expose your game every chance they get.

2021 W Kowacie Reeves Jr. (Florida) gets off a shot against 2021 Kaleb Washington (Transferred to Wheeler \ Dayton-Verbal) during a 2019 match-up. These two will be top notch this season. We love what they bring to the table. Image by Popscout

Showing no mercy on the hardwood.
Some do it for the passion. Some for the recognition. But all will say for the Love of the Game. At the end of the day just your average, everyday student-athlete. Looking to get that free ride, display their skills on a big stage, and ultimately reach NBA ‘LaBron James’ status. Who wants it the most? Who’s willing to put in the effort to see it come to fruition? Time will tell.

Referees showing love out here in the dirty while still respecting their craft. ‘Preciate you. Popscout

Talent Pool runs deep
You gotta bring your A-game or run the risk of getting exposed on any given night, as the talent pool in the Peach State runs deep. Back roads out here leading to hidden gems you feel me. Generous, player friendly referees, letting kids play but still maintaining control of the game. Priceless and a craft in and of itself. You don’t get those early whistles too often, allowing for kids who train and develop their skills around the clock, to display a mouth-watering, up-tempo style of play. For HS teams who’ll reap benefits from off-season, individual player development, it doesn’t get any better than that. Who’s been in the lab the most in order to put the team on your back when we need you this season? Who wants the SMOKE?

Wheeler Head Coach Larry Thompson looks to capture another GHSA State title in 2021. Image by Popscout.

Coaching top notch
Coaches stay in the lab as well. Pulling rabbits out of their hats on the regular, having great schemes and attention to detail, but at the end of the day, letting players play their game. Nowadays, it’s a super-slippery slope finding the balance between holding your players accountable and running the risk of them checking for greener pastures. Players are considering their options at an all-time high these days. It’s added another level of degree and more on the plate of coaches all around the country.

The girls game is on the rise in the State of GA if you ask me. 2021 Carver PG Kionna “KeKe” Gaines (Clemson) and 2021 Westlake PG Raven ‘Hollywood’ Johnson (South Carolina) will make sure of that this season. Premier PG’s. Image by Popscout

Upside is Huge
As we start our sophomore year in Georgia as an ‘under the hood’ scouting service, we see a trend emerging: Long, athletic, hoopers cropping up everywhere. And that’s on both ends of the spectrum (girls and boys). They get it done out here bro’.

We’ll be out and about taking a look at how players, transitioning from the AAU circuit, are now making it happen for their high school squads. #NextManUp.

Elevate Yo’ Game

Author: PopScout

Popscout is a scouting service providing athletes a one-stop-shop for all their recruiting needs. We provide student-athletes with photography, videography, and recruiting services. We're built from the ground up to provide you with a platform to develop your game.

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