CA Hoops: 2022 Amari Bailey

Highly touted Amari Bailey, the Number 2 player in the country for 2022, continues to develop his game, looking special as he starts his Soph. season for the Sierra Canyon Trailblazers (CA).  The kid is a stud with pure athleticism and ability to stay calm, cool and collected.  Amari’s size (6’4) and athleticism, allows him to create magic on the fly – finishing off the break with tip dunks and breakaway rim rattlers. The kid is beginning to show good development in his mid-range and behind the arc ‘stop and pop’ game as well. If Amari stays in the lab developing his off the dribble jumper, decision making and leadership on the court, the sky’s the limit. Be a bit more vocal and take ownership of the team young buck.  It’s what true PG’s do family.

Elevate Yo’ Game

2022 6’4 PG Amari Bailey.  Amari is ranked the #2 prospect in the country per ESPN Recruiting.  Image by Popscout.


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