DNA Hoops Elite Open Run – Session II

DNA Hoops Elite Open Run
Session II
June 21 7-9pm
Birmingham High

Are you looking to get some work in between those tourney games?  Trying to see if your skills have improved without the pressure of coaches, parents, and spectators breathing down your neck? Or maybe you’re just a gym rat who loves the game of basketball and competing against others.


DNA Academy Open Run Session II happens 7-9pm this Friday, June 21, 2019, at Birmingham High School.  Come get some run in with other players who want to test your skill sets midway through the AAU summer sessions.  Practice those moves you’ve been working on or just fine-tune your craft you feel me.  Become a student of the game by not just watching Ballislife, Overtime, or others, but begin to log those 10,000 hours some say are needed, in any profession, to become great at what you do.  Hard work pays off family.  Don’t be the one left out of the loop simply because you don’t have enough playing hours on the court to get it done.

You missed Session I. Come out and maximize your potential by getting some work in.

Elevate Yo’ Game

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