Popscout Chats: Coach Tiny

Popscout Chats
Edmond ‘Coach Tiny’ Flournoy Sr.

When you want to acknowledge mentors in the black community who continue to help kids mature and reach their full potential (or close to it), then you look for those who’ve been doing it the longest. Consistently is a great word to describe their approach.  OG’s who continue to grind year in and year out.  Teaching kids the proper way to approach the game of basketball and sprinkling in some life-long lessons as icing on the cake. Although age and health factors sometimes contribute to their lack of being on board, they continue to believe in those who have it rough, sharing knowledge to those willing to accept.

Elevate Yo’ Game




  1. Coach Tiny not only has given back to the black community…To this day @40 years old I credit coach for teaching this Mexican out of Normandie park on Venice and Normandie to compete against the best. That is how I became a K&E Bull. I am one of a handful to play for the program, thank you coach. I am passing along some of your teachings including K.I.S.S. p.c version minus one s.

  2. Everything Coach Tiny talks about in his interview is absolute truth. I was brought into the K & E Bulls family at the age of 13. At 5′ 6″, I never truly had a chance to go very far in basketball, but you would never know it if you stepped on the court with me. He taught me tenacity, perseverance in the face of tremendous challenges, and a don’t quit attitude no matter what the score was. I’m serious Coach, I remember everything like it was yesterday. Riding to the Vegas Tournament in Kevin Outlaws van! He was the first person to show value in my grades when I presented him with a straight A report card in 9th grade. When he told me no one could stop me but me, I believed him. Do you? It helped me garner 1st Team All Southern Section out of Dorsey High School my senior year. I was ready when I showed up to HS from day 1. He told us to take P.R.I.D.E. in everything we do, Personal Responsibility In Daily Effort! I appreciate you coach, now I’m trying to help others where I can, we remember all the sacrifices you made for cats when they couldn’t pay for their jersees and registration fees. You always had the door open for us. Thanks for contributing to the man I am today. Director of Adult Education and Workforce Development at Compton College, Lynell Wiggins.

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