Popscout Scouting Reports

Players, keep an eye out on our scouting reports that are geared towards offering advice to student-athletes.  You can take it or let it alone family 😉

2020 Alexis Mark with the jump hook during a tournament game June 9, 2019. Although offers are beginning to roll in, Alexis stills needs a lot of work in her game. Stay in the lab young lady and focus on your deficiencies – not what you are good at. Popscout

Alexis Mark  – 2020
Sierra Canyon High School
5’10 G/F

Alexis is a solid defender who brings a defensive presence to her game like no other.  She’s able to defend positions 1-5 effectively with her athleticism and attention to detail.  Her greatest asset at this point is her ability to be a stopper.  On the offensive end, she needs some work on her shot, which has a hitch in it that keeps her from shooting with a smooth release (very evident in her free throw shooting).  It might be too late in her development to alter her shot so she will need to put up 100-500 jumpers a day in order to find her rhythm. Will that translates to success in game situations?  Time will tell.  Alexis also needs to become a better ball handler.  She should be dribbling the rock at least an hour a day just doing drills outside in the driveway or on a court.   Has to develop the wherewithal to drive down court, shimmy, and drive by her defender.  Relies too much on her spin move to finish around the rim, which will be limited at the next level because of the size of players she will be facing. Her basketball IQ is very high which enables her to make key plays on the court in crucial minutes/crunch time.  We would’ve liked to have seen more development in her game, at this point in time,  and am a bit concerned about what it is Alexis is focusing on during her training and skill development.  Are you watching film, breaking it down, then heading to the lab and working on your weaknesses?  Or is everything focused on Hollywood drills that are taking time to become fruition on the court?  Things Popscout feels she should consider working on this summer and beyond:

  1.  Shooting the ball off the dribble.  Stop and pop drills
  2. Driving to the bucket zig/zag drills with a finish
  3. Basketball handling drills – must become a better ball handler
  4. Miken drills for finishing around the rim
  5. Form techniques for shooting
  6. Plyometrics for more speed and agility.  A bit stiff in her approach.
  7. Incorporating the triple threat into her game.  Doesn’t triple threat much – if at all – during games. When you catch, take the time to square up, face the hoop, triple threat and make your move. Must develop patience when catching the ball and making decisions.  Don’t be in so much of a rush when you catch the ball all the time.

We hope this sheds some light on your game and helps you to become a better ball player.  At the end of the day, we only want the best for these young student-athletes and will never ask for anything in return.

Elevate Yo’ Game


  1. You have no idea what you are talk about… you watch one game and you base on that. She works out several hours a day. Nice way to shoot down get confidence. A girl who works at out in the gym more than anyone I know.

  2. We apologize for the post and know it’s a bit direct and forward. We would be foolish to base an evaluation on just one or two times seeing a player. We try to give each player the best benefit of the doubt. Having said that, we’ve seen Alexis play ever since she was at Village Christian. We’ve attended a number of SC games, I would say about 10-15 over the last two years as well – at various levels such as preseason, tourneys, regular season, and playoffs/championship play.

    We didn’t mean to act like we know her grind because we’ve heard through the grapevine how much she puts into her craft. We just want her to possibly tweak a few things during her training regimen so that she maximizes her potential. Nothing mentioned in our post is far-fetched and out of reach. As she is being recruited by several D1 programs at the moment.

    We also would like for her to consider drills outside of the gym that she can do at home in her driveway or inside the comfort of her home – such as basic shooting form drills while laying down but I am sure she is probably already doing these things and it takes some time to develop. We only want the best for student-athletes and their success on and off the court.

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