Decisions. Decisions.

Class of 2019 F Kenyon Martin Jr. soars to the rack against Mater Dei during the 2018 Nike Fairfax Summer Classic. Popscout

Kenyon Martin Jr. has decided to go pro, foregoing his NCAA college basketball career, which would have begun at Vanderbilt this week. That means K-Mart Jr. loses his eligibility once he suits up overseas. It’s a slippery slope but one more kids are willing to navigate while chasing their dreams of becoming an NBA Hooper.  We wish him much success in his endeavors, as players begin to look for alternatives, other than college campuses, to hone their skills as well as gain some financial freedom, before entering the NBA draft with hopes of being a lottery pick and solidifying themselves as a long term NBA fixture in the league.

Melo ball handles the rock during a recent Drew League contest. Do we see a trend being set where hoopers play overseas first before coming back home and entering the NBA Draft? Scary for big-business NCAA sports, who, at the end of the day, make their living off the backs of these young studs and income generating athletic programs. Image by Popscout

A long-term trend that would definitely hurt the pockets of big business college sports, who continues to reap huge financial gains from athletic success in our society.  We see none of these trends stopping on their end, with so-called successful coaches getting sky-rocketing salaries in the millions and big Cable TV deals being signed on the dotted line by colleges and universities. But athletes, on the flip side, can’t receive a free McDonalds happy meal without the risk of being suspended, kicked off the team, and banned from Campus. Their reputation dragged through the mud on social media and networks like ESPN, etc.  The ball is in your court NCAA. Do what’s right and share some of the bread with the breadwinners before you create a paradigm shift overnight. All because of your continued lack of a willingness to share the wealth and success among those who help attain it.


Scotty Pippen Jr. reacts to a no foul call during their 83-67 victory over Corona Centennial. The Trailblazers are hotter than fish grease.

It would have been great to see two former high school teammates connect in college but I guess it wasn’t meant to be.  Scotty, you’re on your own young soldier.

Elevate Yo’ Game


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