Going through the Motions: Playing solid D

Are you playing solid defense or just going through the motions? 2018 Damien Classic. Popscout

Believe it or not, your game doesn’t lie.  If you not going 100%, we can tell. Some of yall be out there sugarcoatin’. Doing things half-heartedly and basically just going through the motions. While boxing out, you haven’t put a meaningful body on a player in the past month.  To add injury to insult, you sit on defense maybe once or twice each game. We could create a laundry list of deficiencies we see in your game but oddly enough, you want to shoot the rock on a regular. Trying to be a crowd pleaser with Beard like step-backs and Kyrie Irving Jellies.

I don’t want to ruffle any feathers because we do see players, programs, coaches, trainers, etc., who stress the importance of developing solid defensive and rebounding principles, along with that offensive arsenal that’s vital for success.  What we do see is players who get the message a little bit too late in their development and because so, have a difficult time adapting to the correct thing(s) to do.  

No one gets after it quite like Ashley Chevalier of Sierra Canyon. She’s a beast and a lockdown defender. Popscout

On the flip side, one might say we need shooters and go to guys just as much to win games. Who cares if they give us a lackluster effort playing defense? Their offensive production makes up for it. Every team benefits tremendously having players who can alleviate the pain by way of scoring buckets. But are you a player who just works on your offensive skillsets and puts zero emphases on defense? If so, then you may be missing out on opportunities that knock, by not developing on the defensive end. You would have been a great defensive player and/or rebounder, but we never got a chance to see it. Is it too late to learn the nuances of defensive pressure, footwork, and intensity? The satisfaction you get from going and putting a body on someone,  boxing them out, then successfully rebounding and squeezing it? That’s that Dennis Rodman Sr. stuff right there family.

Once you get to the next level, it’s going to be more about the completeness of your game that keeps you on the court. Image by Popscout

Understand young soldiers that a basketball scholarship can be earned on the defensive side of the ball as well. How much you want it can be shown not only by shooting wet balls from long range but also by showing up and out on the defensive side of the ball. Sitting, sliding and turning your player from baseline to baseline.  Becoming a beast on the boards – rebounding like a maniac and claiming the court as ‘my house’. A beautiful thing to see which will add value to your stock, I guarantee.  You will no longer be seen as a guy/gal who just gives us offensive production but comes with liabilities on defense.

We want our young up and coming players to put a premium on playing solid defense. Popscout

Can we say it’s a good chance that some players are missing out on opportunities at the next level because they simply don’t play defense with the intensity, passion, and smartness needed to advance their teamslevel of play?  We see the lack of intensity out here when playing defense at some of these tourneys and shootouts. The circuits can sometimes be a joke as kids allow others to showcase their skills because they don’t have it in them to step up and take a challenge.  So they sugarcoat it by making it seem like their playing ‘lackadaisical’ when in all actuality, they can’t D-up. We know the game and the tendencies far too well family.  We’ve put 10,000+ hours into our craft family. Learning the game the right way and practicing what we preach. You can’t take that away from our development and passion for the game.  The basketball Gods won’t allow it. 

2019 Duke commit Cassius Stanley has seen his stock rise by becoming a defensive stopper. Popscout

We do see from time to time games with a high level of defensive pressure throughout, but it’s more of a Ball Brother helter-skelter type of defensive play. No one really consistently sitting down, keeping the man in front of them. Playing with solid principles throughout the course of a game.  It’s a mindset

National powerhouses put an emphasis on sitting and sliding and causing disruptions on defense. Image by Popscout

At the end of the game, we, as a crowd, felt your level of play, and it left an impact on how we view your game as a whole. Those clubs and programs which have adopted a defensive first philosophy from day one, are seeing rewards from their kids’ play. Keep doing what you do.

Become a game changer on the opposite end of the floor family.

Elevate Yo’ Game.


The game gets a lot quicker at the next level family. Showing your ability to read and react becomes a necessity. Image by Popscout

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