Boys to Men: Drew League offers the toughest challenge

Class of 2019 Chino Hills’ Big O (#7) – headed to USC – was impressive in his season debut with No Shnacks of the LA Nike Drew League, 6/01/19. Image by Popscout

Don’t get me wrong family.  We like what we see out of the travel ball circuit.  Nike, Under Armour, and others have really developed a solid platform for kids to display their skills on a big stage.  Playing against others who’ve staked their claim as a one to watch is invigorating, to say the least.  But what if this level isn’t the highest? What if there was another level of play out there to truly see where your game is at?

drew logo

‘The Drew League offers the toughest challenge.’

If you truly want to gauge your level of play, then there’s no bigger barometer than the Los Angeles Nike Drew League. Grown men ready to see where the mindset of these young bucks are at. Inquiring minds want to know. Do you have what it takes to accept the challenge or will you become humbled on one of the biggest stages in LA?

drew2Players are getting a lot bigger, faster, and stronger. The speed of the game is increasing.  Nowadays, in addition to everything else, you have to develop a ‘craftiness’ about your game.

Are there any craftiness drills out there family?  These veteran players on the Drew League Circuit, seem to know how to pull rabbits out of their hats on the fly. And on the regular.  Each time down the court, veterans and skilled ballers alike, display eye-popping, mouth watering moves, leaving the crowd in awe.  As a young player, you have to develop some thick skin to be able to handle the politics, level of play and your own demons, in order to stay afloat.  Good luck.  As Gatorade would put it:  Is it in you?

Day 1 Games Scores
I-Can All Stars 90 Team Watson 79
No Shnacks 82 Jaguars 66
Optimus 82 BB4L 75
Reapers Black OPS 79 Redemption 98
Home Town Favorite 45 Public Enemy 62
CitiTeam Blazers 52 CABC So. Cal 86

Day 2 Games
King Drew High School

Games start @ 1030am
Tuff Crowd vs Black Pearl Elite
Prodigy vs Problems
Pandas vs Nationwide Blue Devils
All in vs MHP
Baxters Legacy vs Young Citi
Panthers vs L.O.S.

C/O 2019 Big O (#7) is becoming battled tested before jumping ship to the D1 level and joining the USC Trojans next season. There’s no bigger barometer than The Drew League for these young bucks. Image by Popscout.



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