Focus Basketball: Let’s get it in

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Images by Popscout Sports Photography

Focus Basketball
5onfive Summer Jam
May 18-19, 2019

Lots of action taking place this past weekend at Whitter High and surrounding gyms.  Kids beginning to fine-tune their craft in hopes of becoming the next big thing.  Focus Basketball offers a platform where clubs can come out and show out, pretty much each and every week.  Teams get a chance to tweak their rosters, philosophies, and coaching strategies.  Draw something up coach, as one might put it.

Players position for space under the basket for a potential rebound during the 2019 5onfive Tourney hosted by Focus Basketball. Image by Popscout.

Many coaches pull double duties. The fact that many are head coaches on the HS circuit, the Focus Basketball platform not only allow players to shine, but it also gives coaches the opportunity to become great as well.  I few images from the 2019 5onfive basketball tournament hosted by Focus Basketball.

Elevate Yo’ Game

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