Popscout Chats: Ken Munoz


I can recall playing with my older brother growing up.  It would always give us an edge against other opponents. Primarily becuase we knew each other so well.  I knew his tendencies and he knew mine.  We could read and react off of each others’ movements and sort of predict where the other was going to be or was about to do.  Instinctually, we were always on the same page.

Switch gears to the San Fernando Valley and for those who haven’t had the pleasure of meeting them yet let me introduce you to, Koby and Ken Munoz.  Two twin brothers who’ve played together their whole life.  They now face the uncertainty of breaking that bond while pursuing their dreams of playing Division 1 basketball.  We caught up with Ken and Kobe in the early morning a.m. as they continue to Respect the Grind by putting in work and chasing their dreams.

Elevate Yo’ Game

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