Popscout Chats: 2020 Mimi O’Neal

We got a chance to chat with Mimi O’Neal, daughter of NBA legend Shaquille O’Neal.  Crossroads defeated Campbell Hall on a night that saw Mimi log a double-double in points and rebounds.

We think this young lady can go if she really applied herself and moreover, was at a much more basketball minded girls program school.  Don’t feel as if she’s getting the most bang for her buck at Crossroads in terms of coaches demanding the most of their players and wanting to win a ‘Ship.  If she was at Sierra Canyon or a top Open Division School, she would be pushed by other players and the coaching staff to become special.  The young lady has great feet, I mean great. Nice touch and shooting stroke, runs the court well and shows a willingness to sit and slide. She appears to understand the game and her role on the team extremely well.  We’re asking her to take it upon herself to branch out and explore more of the court besides just playing down low and being one-dimensional.  Please coach!!


We would like for her to consider AAU travel ball and play with the ‘big boys’ this summer, (Cal Storm, WC Premiere, EYBL circuit, etc.) so that she can get a feel of girls competition at its finest.  She didn’t play last summer but once, and if she gets a taste of that type of game setting, Popscout feels it will become addictive and push her to take her game to the next level.  But when you have pretty much everything you will ever need in life, it truly comes down to playing for the love and passion of the game.  Maybe Mimi’s heart is somewhere else, which is totally cool.  But as a fan of Big Deisel and the game itself, we love what he brought to the table and miss that passion. Would love to see it in his daughter out there on the court.  if nothing else, just for the love of the game and much love for her dad.


We like what we see out of Mimi O’Neal.  Would like to see her begin to rebound and push, stretch the defense by not just being confined to the box by her coaching staff, and begin to show that O’Neal passion and domination we saw in her dad.  We think it’s inside of her., bottled- up, ready to explode on the court like a shaken up bottle of Coca- Cola. Become special young lady!

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