Marquee Matchups: GHC vs The Real

ship2Girls Hoops

Talk about back to back days where we have two marquee matchups in girls hoops! We’ve got two City Section powers colliding head-on when most of the City Section teams are required to sit and twiddle their thumbs. Game 1 of the West Valley League rivalry will allow the two ballclubs a ‘feeling out’ period before game two later this month (Jan.30, 2019).   Both teams are evenly matched from top to bottom, with GHC having a bit more ‘skilled’ bench players. Both show the ability to handle defensive pressure, run sets on the offensive end, and play together as a team.  That usually equals success and a lot of ‘dubs’ in the win column.

X-Factor – Coaching

Jared Honig
GHC head coach Jared Honig tends to an injured player during the 4th Quarter of the Marlborough Great 8 ‘Ship. GHC plays like a Southern Section team in terms of high caliber style of play. Popscout

Both coaching staffs will have to be on their A-game today, showing the ability to be creative in their offensive sets, think outside the box, and get their team to raise their level of play.  Popscout feels as though one of the two will have to pull a rabbit out of their hat, in order for their team to come away with the win.

El Camino Real HC Rai Colston on Coaching Philosophy

Popscout Pick

Both teams are battle-tested and show a great level of play…at times.  If GHC can keep their field gold percentage up and shoot the lights out, then it may be lights out for ECR.  On the other hand, if ‘The Real’ can avoid stretches where they go scoreless and control the tempo of the game, success may be rewarded.

Popscout Pick:
The Real by 5 on the road.

By the Numbers

El caminoEl Camino Real
Head Coach Rai Colston
Record: 12-6
Rank: 94 State

Key Players -Pt Avg.

Iliana Camua – 10pts
Rebecca Saidoff –  11pts
Orelle Gelbart –  12pts
Ayanna Khalfani – Sit out X-factor


Granada Hills Charter
Jared Honig
Rank: #44 State

Top Playets

Haley Barfield – 18pts
Stephanie Ornelas – 11pts
Brianna Torres -10pts
Haylee Aiden – 6pts

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