Windward gets beaten by the system


Windward loses to Centennial (LV) 61-49 during the 2019 Matt Denning Hoops Classic Hosted by Mater Dei January 5, 2019.

It’s the reason you come out and play.  To test the resolve of your ball club.  Windward found out during the 2019 Matt Denning Hoops Classic hosted by Mater Dei, just how good of a system The Centennial basketball team and head coach Karen Weitz have in place.  Centennial used a smothering full court man to man pressing style of defense for most of the game, keeping The Wildcats at bay.  It was impressive watching The Lady Bulldogs impose their will on Windward.   After  a few minutes into the game, Windward looked visibly winded and confused, never quite finding their rhythm or better yet, finding an answer to Centennial’s well lubed offensive machine.  Windward kept it close for most of three quarters but you could feel it in the air that it wasn’t going to be their day.  Even Charisma played out of character, at one point just tossing up the ball near the rim while digging out a loose ball..  The pressure got to her. You could see her visibly angry, frustrated, and not wanting to handle the rock. Basically shutting it down at certain stages of the game.  Not Charisma 😉

Charisma Osborne - Focus
Players of Charisma’s caliber must find other ways of taking their game (and teammates) to the next level.  It becomes a mental challenge.  Embrace it. Popscout

Focus –
To become great on the court, you no longer are concerned about how you will perform and if your skills are up to par.  That comes naturally.  Your only objective is to win. 

A couple of factors that makes a player truly special is (1) how they respond to loses and (2) if they have what it takes to make those around them better.  Windward doesn’t have the pieces it had last year and it’s going to be a formidable task trying to three-peat.  The Centennial game can be used as a measuring stick for the remainder of the season.  Charisma must find another level in her game to which she wants to step up and accept challenges from stiffer opponents and understand that those around her need her help.  It’s difficult and we see the frustration in your game because you feel as if there is little help.  The worst thing you want to do is show fear or discontent.


Let’s see if you can truly become special young lady…right before our eyes.  Take your game to the next level by accepting defensive challenges teams are going to throw at you young lady.  Develop a mindset that no matter what happens, I’m going to strategically play the best basketball I can, prepare myself in the best conditioning possible, and work on getting my teammates better around me by developing other areas of my game.  And above all, stay happy and positive.  It’s now time to focus on some mental aspects of your game.

Windward Wildcats
Record: 14-3
Ranks: 3 State, 5 National, 4 Maxpreps Xcellent
Name Game(s):
Jan 8 vs Fairmont Prep 6pm
Jan 10 vs Quartz Hill  7pm

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