Legacy Tourney Final Day Schedule

Get your butt up and support girls hoops.

8am Antelope Valley vs. Venice
930am Arleta vs. Cross Roads
11am SV Poly vs. Dorsey
1230pm Carson vs. Hamilton
2pm Garfield vs. Mission Oak Platinum 3rd Place
330pm West vs. Westchester Elite 8 3rd Place
5pm Legacy vs. Canyon Platinum Championship
630pm Troy vs. Narbonne Elite 8 Championship

2022 5’10 G Hannah Stines out of Troy is a One to Watch.

@King Drew
11am King Drew vs. Fairfax
1230pm West Adams vs. San Pedro
2pm Elizabeth vs. Port of LA
330pm Locke vs. Mendez Bronze 3rd Place
5pm Laces vs. South Gate Gold Consolation
630pm South East vs. Reseda


1130am Bell vs. Bravo
1pm Westchester vs. Legacy JV Consolation
230pm Narbonne vs. Bishop Montgomery JV 3rd Place
4pm Alemany vs. North JV Championship
530pm Roosevelt vs. Bishop Conaty Gold 3rd Place
7pm Leuzinger vs. Putnam Gold Championship
830pm Middle College vs. Inglewood Silver 3rd Place


@Marquez Main

930am Franklin vs. Torres
11am Gardena vs. University
1230pm LA Wilson vs. Alhambra
2pm USC Hybrid vs. Belmont
330pm Marquez vs. Huntington Park Silver Consolation
5pm Divinci vs. Stem Prep Bronze Championship
630pm Centennial vs. Dominguez Silver Championship

@Marquez Small
830am Maywood vs. Locke
10am Hamilton vs. Leuzinger
1130am Bravo vs. King Drew
1pm Stern vs. Verdugo Hills
230pm Bishop Montgomery vs. Bell Gardens JV/FS Consolation
4pm Marshall vs. Keppel JV/FS 3rd Place
530pm Downey vs. San Fernando JV/FS Championship
7pm Culver City vs. Divinci

830am South East vs. Marquez
10am University vs. South Gate
1130am Reseda vs. Bell
1pm Bishop Conaty vs. Legacy
230pm Carson vs. St. Mary’s
4pm Bell Gardens vs. Lynwood


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