City Section Spotlight: Birmingham Patriots

The Patriots balled out during the Damien Classic a couple of years ago. Their style of play hasn’t changed. Popscout

Although the Birmingham Patriots have lost most of its luster from a few years ago. we still appreciate what they bring to the table.  To put it frankly, we love the way Birmingham Head Coach Nick Halic continues to allow his ball club to express themselves, allowing players to operate within their space,  giving every one a free leash.  Don’t get me wrong, he does have full control over his ball club but he doesn’t suppress personalities – at least from what we can see.

The Patriots didn’t win a game this past Classic @ Damien, going 0-4.  Just a couple of years ago, they were unstoppable. With a current 5 game losing streak, it’s easy to point the finger and shift the blame. Keep your head up young men.  Popscout feels the best is yet to come.  Keep doing what you do Coach Halic.  The basketball Gods are watching.

Elevate Yo’ Game


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