ELAC 2018 Okawa Classic: Moorpark looks special

Freshman Brianna Calhoun is special for #1 Moorpark during the 2018 ELAC Okawa Classic.  This young lady can go.

Moorpark was able to dissect their way to victory over West LA College Thursday, December 28, during the 2018 East LA College Okawa Classic.  Moorpark is currently the #1 ranked Women’s JC team in Southern California. As they should be.  They come at you with a full court press, going from 0 to 100 real quick. They force PG’s to stay poised or else run the risk of getting humbled – and possibly some pine time.  They also display solid shooting, pulling the bow and arrow on the regular against West LA, who doesn’t have the firepower and depth to hang with the elite this year. With that being said, West LA was able to give Moorpark a run for their money, keeping it decent for most parts of the game, before falling by the score of 86-76.  At the end of the day it was too much Brianna Calhoun and her superior game that kept West LA at bay.

Elevate Yo’ Game

Moorpark Freshman PG Brianna Calhoun out of Alemany is worth the price of admission. Image taken during the 2018 East LA College Okawa Classic. Popscout

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