Elevate Yo’ Game

Ziaire Williams
It’s safe to say that 2020 6’9 F Ziaire Williams has confronted any demons that may have been holding his game hostage. Popscout

It’s about midway through the season and we’ve seen quite a few games.  We’re not gonna beat around the bush either. Popscout is a bit concerned that star players aren’t addressing their weaknesses. Period.

Are you being allowed to fly under the radar or are you being held accountable for your actions? 

How much extra time are you putting into your craft outside of practice and games?  How much quality time are you even spending with the game of basketball? I see most of y’all walking around with slippers on on the weekend and stuff. Basketball nowhere in sight.  Then y’all talking about I’m a baller. Really? Let me stop.

But we see you family.  A potential 4 or 5 star game changer at that!  But deep inside you know about your flaws and weaknesses, because we’ve see them within your game as well.

Maybe you know damn well that your ball handling isn’t up to par. Or maybe your mid-range game is a bit ‘rough around the edges’.  You’ve been allowed to get away with it because maybe you’re surrounded by superior ball-handlers. Or maybe you got a greedy PG who thinks his/her only job is to bring the ball up the court every play so that they’re the only one who gets to initiate the offense.

Nowadays?  Are you kidding me!

On the contrary PG,  you must expand your game and understand how the 2G operates, thus becoming a supreme guard out there on the court dude.  Let go of the leash.

Then OK, maybe you say your role is to rebound, hand it to the PG, and then run the lane. I say to you…not! That’s robot ball and your squad is bound to pay the price by not allowing players the freedom to express themselves and your team to grow and develop mentally.   You’re playing a numbers game family.

The game is evolving at a rapid pace.  7 footers are now being asked to stretch the defense and show adequate ball handling abilities. Sometimes even initiate the fast break by rebounding, pushing the rock, then using high basketball IQ and solid decision making skills to make good basketball plays, on a consistent basis,.  You have to be a jack of all trades these days, but it was almost unheard of to see a 7 footer back in the day launching 3 pointers or euro-stepping his/her way down the lane.  It just wasn’t happening on the regular.  Now it;s part of their everyday repertoire,

The mental part of the game cannot be overlooked as well.  It’s what’s causing you anxiety out there on the court.  A situation arises throughout the course of the game where you’re forced to do something you’re not used to and you feel exposed.  Get over it buddy!  You have to confront these demons that hold your game hostage.  Step outside your comfort zone and mentally focus. Confront your weaknesses during game situations.  Game situations…So that brings us to the coaching aspect.

We gonna ask coaches not to think so much about wins and loses but to try and think about the maturation of your star players.  Developing their skill-sets that will benefit them in the long term. It’s a slippery slope because most don’t have the luxury to truly work with kids for the simple fact that if you lose too many games, you might get lost!  But at the end of the day, the basketball Gods are watching and maybe it’s the right thing to do.


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