Popscout Boys Top 25 – D1

  1. Sierra Canyon (9-0) Big time players making big time plays
  2. Rancho Christian (6-0) Twin towers continue to shine
  3. Fairfax (City) – Fairfax licking chops awaiting Damien Classic
  4. Corona Centennial ( 7-2) – Tough as nails, battle tested indeed
  5. Westchester (City) (6-0) – National Powerhouse on a City budget…unbelievable

    6’4 Class of 2020 Jaylen Clark with the blow-by (literally). We hate to put pressure on kids but this young man is league ready. Image by Popscout
  6. Mater Dei (9-1) – Losing some of its luster?
  7. St. John Bosco (11-1) – Loyola setback should motivate them
  8. Chino Hills (4-1) – Big O keeps Chino Hills on the map
  9. Bishop Montgomery (6-2) –  12/20 Match-up against #1 team from Alaska intriguing
  10. Riverside Notre Dame (7-4) – ND on a steady no cream-puff dietZiaire Williams
  11. Sherman Oaks Notre Dame (8-4) – Williams is the real deal family
  12. Harvard Westlake (8-2) – Injury bug…poof be gone!
  13. Santa Margarita – (10-3) 12/8 humbled by Wasatch Academy 83-55
  14. Damien (10-1) – Rebounded nicely against Camarillo to avenge only loss

    Michael LeDuc
    Damien was able to avenge an early season loss to Camarillo. Kudos to their coaching staff for ‘finessing’ their style of play.
  15. Poly (Riverside) (9-3)  Rose City Classic Ship L vs Fairfax can be used to fuel fire
  16. LB Poly (6-1) LBP looking to step up and out as usual
  17. Brentwood (12-1)  Nice win on the road vs Taft 60-59 (12/14)
  18. Taft (City) (5-1) Coaching staff drawing up some nice X’s and O’s
  19. JSerra (12-2) – Martinez and company putting in work
  20. Camarillo (10-2) – Jaime is a one man show…unfortunately it may not be enoughjaime-jaquez_camarillo
  21. Villa Park (13-1) – Looking for Orange County teams to travel West dude
  22. Chaminade (14-2) Sophs. working their magic… albeit against low level opponents
  23. Washington Prep (8-4) City team looking poised despite financial challenges
  24. Rancho Verde (8-3)  – Another team from the IE stepping up?
  25. Loyola (10-4) – Stunned St. John Bosco, beat Windward for the ‘Ship (64-61)
  26. Rolling Hills Prep (8-2) – Kitani still pulling rabbits out of his hat

Elevate Yo’ Game

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