The Love of the Game

It’s tough when it’s all said and done.  You’ve been pushing the rock most of your life.  Then the final buzzer sounds, putting an end to your high school career.  You didn’t get any offers and it’s time to consider an alternate route.  Do I walk on?  How about JC?  Is it time to get a job?

When the lights stop flashing and your playing career ends, it can have a devastating effect on you as an individual, especially kids from the inner city, who sometimes are being promised all the bells and whistles associated with 5 Star status, only to find out that you were just another number on a jersey. It’s a cold game family.

If you think you can compete and give something to the game of basketball, then so be it. Continue to follow your dreams and take the road where basketball leads you. Popscout

Sometimes it takes a few years to figure it out: hindsight.  Reality sets in and you come to the realization that, damn, there are a lot of people playing basketball.  Not just in my state but across the country.  Kids shimmying, jellying, and euro-stepping their way in hopes of landing that elusive D1 ‘Ship.

Young players out here, have a second passion in your life.  Don’t put all your marbles in one hat to the point it consumes you and hinders your ability to keep it moving after your playing days are over. Student athletes need a strong supporting cast that understands the transition needed in order to mentally make a smooth transition from being the star for so many years to becoming just another former player.

Word on the street is that this young man may have to sit and wait for the powers that be to decide his fate. Let’s hope he gets back into the swing of things real soon. Image taken during the Classic @ Damien 2018. Popscout

If you were someone who was supposed to make it and didn’t reach your potential, It can become even more of a mental challenge.  In today’s social media driven world, this could lead to a ‘recipe for disaster’ for kids who don’t have the mental fortitude and toughness to overcome such a disappointment.  The love of the game hurts.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to the family of Tyler Honeycutt. We have no insight whatsoever on the incident surrounding his death. We hope that players aren’t getting down on themselves and feel as if they’ve let someone down by not getting to or fulfilling their life long dream of playing in the NBA.  We all play the game and have to give it up one day.  Find another passion and keep it moving family.

A few clips of Tyler Honeycutt during his senior year at Sylmar High.
Popscout out and about in 2012.


Author: PopScout

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