Floor Generals

Floor General –
Usually the PG, this individual has the powers to make great decisions with the basketball in his hands. The players below may be undersized in stature but they make up for it with grit, heart, and work ethic. We list a few So. Cal. floor generals who look to take their game (and team) to the next level.

Dorian Stewart 2019
5’9 PG
St. Bernard High
Senior, battle-tested PG who does a great job at shot calling for his ball club as well as playing off the rock.  Dorian is a very nice extension of his coach as he continues to maximize his potential by limiting his mental mistakes and turnovers, as well as showing more killer instincts on the offensive end of the ball.  Dorian should continue to develop his composure, become a shut down defensive stopper, and catch the eye of a few recruiters who’re looking for a player to give them solid leadership minutes at the point guard position.

Weston Crump
6’0 PG
Chaminade High
Spark-plug PG who brings energy and swag to both ends of the court.  Undersized but shows he can run the team with moments of greatness. Sharp shooter who also likes to get his nose dirty by playing bully ball from time to time. Weston has all the intangibles needed to crack the code for those seeking a solid, dependable floor general.  We’ll be keeping an eye out on this young man as the season progresses.

Tyjae Medley
5’8 PG 2019
Birmingham High School
City Section PG who has become battle-tested over the last two years playing with the Patriots of Birmingham and their talented transfers.  Looking for this young man to continue his growth and development under head coach Nicholas Halic during his senior season.  We love the freedom coach allows his players to run with as Tyjae should take advantage of any and all opportunities that present themselves next season on the hardwood.

Spencer Hubbard
6’0 PG 2020
Harvard Westlake High
Crafty young man who’s currently playing beyond his years.  Runs the team like a true floor general, making minimal mental mistakes.  Must continue to fine tine his game on the defensive side of the ball.  Confidence is still growing in terms of looking for his shot, getting to the rack to score, and pulling the bow and arrow from mid range and beyond. Would like for this young man to be able to lock down defenders and show true leadership out there on the court for extended periods of time.  That may mean you getting into serious shape – mentally and physically.

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