Popscout Scouting Report

Taking a look at a few standouts from the
Nike 32nd Annual Fairfax Summer Basketball Classic
June 30, 2018 – Final Day of Action


Cassius Stanley
6’5 G 2019
Sierra Canyon High School

Dynamic play-maker with NBA skill-sets.  At 6’5, can handle in the open court while beating his defender off the dribble. Gets to the rack and finishes above the rim. Good shooter who can rise above defenders to drain shots. Decent accuracy from 3pt land, also showing he’s capable of hitting the mid range stop and pop off the bounce. Likes to post up with his athleticism, allowing him to bully ball his way for buckets or leap over and around defenders for jelly’s and put-backs.  The complete offensive package.

Cassius Stanley finger roll
Cassius Stanley tries to convert a running finger roll as time expires during the 2018 Fairfax Summer Classic. The shot didn’t fall, allowing Mater Dei to escape with a 72-71 victory. Popscout

Cassius comes in as the #3 CA recruit for the Class of 2019, with a 4 Star 88 ranking as of June 26, 2018 per ESPN.  From our perspective, Cassius should learn to play with his teammates a bit more and not think of himself as the go to guy all the time.  Learn to let the game come to you by not forcing the issue with bully ball tactics, thinking your athleticism will be a ‘one fix all’ solution. Focus more on the magic of the game.  Why not expand your game by not shooting for the first half…work on dropping dimes…sit and slide, becoming a lock down defender. Develop unselfish play, looking to get your teammates involved – while still keeping that killer instinct mentality that will catapult you to one and done status.  Become as well rounded as you can, learning the nuances of the game  You’ll become more than just an offensive threat.  But at the end of the day, I’m just an outsider looking in.

Class of 2019 F Kenyon Martin Jr. soars to the rack against Mater Dei during the 2018 Nike Fairfax Summer Classic. Popscout

Kenyon Martin Jr.
6’7 F Class of 2019
Sierra Canyon School

We loved the maturation of this kid last season, as we thought he was turning the corner pretty well.  Another prospect who plays above the rim, using his high motor and athleticism to cause major disruptions on both ends of the floor.  Kenyon has 3 offers but no recent activity (last activity per Verbal Commits was 12/16/2017 by Cincinnati).  From our point of view, Kenyon must begin to develop his mid range game, not relying so much on the low post block to be effective in half court sets.  It will be difficult for him to shoot over taller defenders at the next level although at the moment, he seems to think he can use his superior leaping and body to bully his way for buckets.  Kenyon has to get in the lab and work on his handles, showing he not only can rebound and push, but also shimmy and euro around defenders to avoid charges.  Must work on not blaming his teammates and openly showing negative emotions after bad plays or when things don’t go his way.  Should work on shooting, shooting, shooting, and the mental block that’s now attached to his game/mindset about not shooting.  If KMart Jr. can shore up his loose ends, we’ll be looking at another major NBA draft pick from our very own backyard.


Robert McRae
6’2 Combo G 2019
Fairfax High

Robert continues to grind and show improvement at both guard positions. Playing under Fairfax Head Coach Steve Baik’s philosophy allows his game to flourish in the open court, not being restricted by coaching decisions in terms of who pushes the rock or initiates the offense.  This free play so to speak, allows Robert to get a great feel for the game, while developing his overall skill-sets at both guard positions.  We want this young man to get in the lab and work on his handles, showing he can exhibit true PG skills as well as the tenacity he currently shows as a disruptive defensive play-maker.  Would like to see him begin to utilize the triple threat, showing he can jab step or ball fake and beat his defender off the dribble for buckets or penetrate and kick to spot up shooters. Should be shooting 1000 combined shots a day from the arc, off the dribble, and other areas of the court where he feels he’ll be getting game shots within the structure of the offense.  Develop the confidence and consistency to knock down your catch and shoot jumpers family. Looking for Robert to stay in the lab, show steady improvement over the course of the 2018-19 season, and impress several suitors by seasons end.


Joshua Assiff
6’6 W 2019
Valencia High

Up and coming prospect who’ll be getting much more looks as the 2018-19 campaign unfolds.  Had a chance to see this young man during the 2018 Maranatha Summer Block Party a week prior.  We have some concerns about his motor and how mentally focused he is about his game and his potential. Shows a good feel for the game, who can score and finish around the bucket while pulling the bow and arrow. Would like for him to develop his frame, explosiveness, and killer instinct.  Come to the gym with your game face on and with the mindset of going to work family.  Focus on weightlifting and plyometrics to develop strength and explosiveness.  If Joshua gets his mind right and flourishes this season under the structure of Valencia basketball, that should be enough to catapult him to D1 status.



Daylen Williams
6’5 F Class of 2019
Fairfax High

Daylen is the son of former NBA player John Williams (Crenshaw LSU, Bullets).  We like the potential of this young man if he can break out of his shell and just play ball.  Would like to see him rebound and push, catch and square and go to work on the block, as well as continue to be a defensive force around the rim. He’s being asked to guard bigger players but under the free flowing Fairfax offense, he still has the ability to operate on the wing and show he’s capable of playing the 3 spot. Must not let moments get him down where he looses focus but should continue to play through those moments and learn to embrace the magic and love of the game. Be much more of an offensive threat and learn to handle the rock much more during games (rebound and push, square up and take players off the dribble from the block as well as the wing, initiate the offense from time to time). Keeping an eye on this young man, looking for his maturation to develop over the course of the season.  Will it be enough to raise some eyebrows??  Time will tell.

Get in the lab young men.  Become great at what you do.

Elevate Yo’ Game



  1. I noticed and I hope You don’t take this wrong, but it seems like all your articles are about kids who we know about already and kids who have parents who are famous ie, KJ Martin, who didn’t really have a good tournament or Cassius who’s dad is Jerome Stanley or Daylen Williams son of John Williams who didn’t really show much. There where players in that Tournament who you didn’t even mention that played great and you never evaluated them. I have a lot of respect for you Pop, because you’re not like Dino Trigonis or Ryan Silver they only promote kids who are in there program or kids who dads they knew in the past to please them. There were kids who really played well who you didn’t mention such as the guard from from Mater Dei who hit the game winner in the championship game, the wing from Fairfax who was probably their best player (Kirk Smith) or the point guard from Taft who went for 25pt 13 rbs 9 ast and 8 stls against sierra Canyon. Just some feedback sometimes its nice to read about the underdog Thank you.

  2. I got you and that’s what I will focus on moving forward…thanks for shedding some light, I appreciate you and will do just want you mentioned.

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