Popscout Scouting Report: 2018 Maranatha SBP

A few studs who stood out during the recent Maranatha Summer Block Party held June 18-23, 2018 at Maranatha High School.


Brase Dottin
6’5 G
Class of 2020
Harvard Westlake High

This year will be his coming out party.  Brase has a solid body with solid skills to accompany his physique.  Handles well in the open court, making solid decisions with the basketball.  Shoots extremely well from behind the arc and brings that passion to the court you like to see.  Will be a major contributor this season for Harvard Westlake and HC David Rebibo.


Vaughn Flowers
6’1 G
Class of 2020
Rolling Hills Prep

Patient player who plays unselfish, looking to keep his teammates involved. Can score from all three levels of the court with a nice shooting stroke from deep.  Must develop consistency on his shot and the ability to create shots off the dribble. Slippery ball handler who must begin to show more leadership at the PG position this season.  Nice athleticism but shows little to no emotion out there on the court.  We like the potential of this young man if he can come out of his shell, become more vocal, and begin to show some killer instinct.  The ball is in your court young man.  Run with it.


Spencer Hubbard
5’8 PG
Class of 2020
Harvard Westlake High

What this young man lacks in size, he makes up for in grit, poise, and high level IQ skill-sets at the PG position.  Spencer does a tremendous job at initiating the offense and being an extension of his head coach.  He’s almost “un-ripable”, handling the rock like a true soldier boy while being pressured from bigger guards.  How well he handles those that try to post him up is yet to be seen. Spencer should tighten up the release of his jumper, begin to show supreme confidence by slithering his way to the rack and finishing, and continue to do what he does out there on the court.  Despite the lack of size, we feel this young man will garner major D1 suitors when it’s all said and done.


Sam Clareman
6’3 G
Class of 2019
Brentwood High

Sam is one of the best spot of shooters on the market.  We are a bit concerned about what else he brings to the table.  During the 2018 Maranatha SBP he showed why he lead Brentwood to a “CIF ‘Ship last season, as he continues to pull the bow and arrow from long range qith accuracy and consistency.  Our concerns are that teams will begin to scout him and run him off his spot.  If that becomes the norm, Sam will have to get in the lab and develop his overall game.  Interesting to see how well Coach Moose allows him to handle the rock and work out the kinks during his senior campaign.


James Keefe
6’8 F
Class of 2019
Loyola High

We like this young prospect out of Loyola high a lot.  James runs the court extremely well, show very good athleticism, and can shoot the deep ball with confidence and accuracy. We only caught a glimpse of his game against Pasadena for a few minutes but was very impressed.  Being the son of a former NBA player, we know that he’s being taught the correct tricks of the trade.  Look for Keefe to hit the radar by season’s end.


Frank Staine
6’6 G
Class of 2020
St. Anthony High (Long Beach)

Frank is a smooth operator at 6’6.  He initiates the offense, can stop and pop from deep, and has the ability to slither his way to the rack for buckets.  The kid shows very good poise and a willingness to stay patient, taking what the defense gives him verses bully ball. Under 5th year Head Coach Allen Caveness, his game should reach top form. Should continue to develop that killer instinct and stay humble as he sees his stock rise over the next few months.

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Darius Mason
6’4 G
Class of 2019
Pasadena High

It’s great to see those that benefit from their peers.  Darius was definitely taking it in last year as he watched fellow teammates Darius Brown II (CSUN) and Bryce Hamilton (UNLV) do their ‘thang’.  It rubbed off in a big way.  Darius shows that killer instinct you only see from players who’ve benefited from road rage family.  Road rage meaning battles on the hard wood floor that inevitably become part of your character and DNA.  Darius is a monster on both ends of the court. With skills to handle back-court pressure, bully ball his way to the rack and finish, stop and pop from mid-range, as well as show defense presence down low despite his 6’4 frame the upside of this young man is huge.  Would like to see more consistency and confidence in his jumper which we feel he’ll develop over the course of the season (1000 jumpers a day family). Darius Mason.  Next man up in a big way.

Stay humble and in the lab.

Elevate Yo’ Game


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