Controlling your Demeanor

Your body language says it all. 

Are you moping around before and after games.  No attitude or expression on your face all the time?  Do you apply that same approach to your game on the court?  A missed shot and you go into depressed mode.  Make a mistake and you look over to the bench ready to be pulled.  Anyone will tell you that the game is magical.  Many will agree that when you reach a certain level with your game, you can almost will yourself to victory – or come very close each time you lace ’em up.  You have to keep a right frame of mind and continue to play through your mistakes.  Never, ever getting down on yourself, your team and coaches.  Always locked in and focused on the task at hand.  Knowing that at the end of the day, you can become special and pull your team to victory.  It’s just that simple.

Rest assured Crespi PG Brandon Williams won’t shy away from the competition in the PAC12 next season. You truly become battle tested in the Mission League. Popscout

What’s your mental approach to the game?

Continue to develop the backbone, the wherewithal to get it done family.  Stay locked in and focused throughout the course of a game without slipping into ‘why me’ mode.  Stay positive with your body language , facial expressions, and communication between players & coaches.

Shareef O’Neal, seen here during his time with Windward, is a class act. He did everything right on and off the court. We wish him the best of luck. Popscout

Make no mistake scouts are paying extra close attention to how well players carry themselves on and off the court.  Having a negative attitude could make or break your chances, no matter how special you are.  For those who may not be as special, this could become the determining factor on whether or not you get scooped up.

You never know the potential a scout may see in you.

Elevate your game


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