Popscout Scouting Reports

Taking a look at a few soldiers who appear to be separating themselves from the competition.


Evan Mobley
6’11 200  PF/C
Class of 2020
ESPN Rating: N/A
Offers:  5

Evan is developing into a solid recruit, having offers from major D1’s such as UCLA, USC, Stanford, Alabama, and San Diego State.  Appears to be finding himself very well out there on the court, in terms of adjusting to the speed of the game and being able to pick and choose when he goes to work during the course of a game.  Solid re-bounder and shot blocker – who protects the paint well.


Although he lacks the muscle to dominate, he does a very good job of anticipating the shot and getting off his feet.  Has a nice shooting stroke from mid range but not enough reps to be considered a threat yet.  Needs to develop his lower body strength and lateral quickness. Foot drills could truly benefit this Big who shows nice athleticism and a feel for the game.  Must develop a post presence and swag, to able to look comfortable down low when receiving the rock and thus at times, making solid decisions off double teams. Patience young man…see the floor and then make your decisions.  There’s no need to be in a rush. Show that Compton Magic poise.

If Evan stays in the lab and continues to develop his killer instinct, we may be looking at a true Dapper Dandy when it’s all said and done.  A few clips of him during the 2018 Magic Memorial Day Festival Hosted by Adidas.  May 25-28, 2018 @ Orange Lutheran High.


Johnny Juzang
6’7 195 G/SF
Class of 2020
ESPN Rating: 92
Offers: 12

5 Star solder from Harvard Westlake has 12 major D1’s looking seriously at his game – and rightfully so. Scorers mentality who can make buckets from slashing to the rack, pulling up for a mid-range shot, or knocking down a wet ball from 3pt land.  Good feet showing the ability to catch, set his feet, and shoot. He has the full offensive package but doesn’t appear to overly request the rock.  We are a bit concerned whether he can create his shot off defenders who may be a bit more quick and athletic.  Good defender who anticipates well but must continue to show the ability to become great on the defensive side of the ball.  Should continue to work on his handles, showing he is able to handle PG duties at times by distributing the rock and initiating offensive sets.  Good leader who leads by example and shows that killer instinct.  Stay humble young man.

A few Clips of 5 Star 2020 G Johnny Juzang during the 2018 Magic Memorial Day Festival hosted by Adidas.  Games played May 25-28 at Orange Lutheran High.



Max Agbonkpolo
6’7 G/F
Class of 2019
ESPN Rating: 79
Offers: 7

We like the potential of this young man and think when it’s all said and done, he might be the one who comes out as the most special.  Max can do it all with the rock and showed it running with AAU Pump N Run during the 2018 Memorial Day Festival hosted by Adidas, Compton Magic, and Orange Lutheran High May 25-28, 2018.  Has the ability to run PG duties with handles that allow him to break pressure, get to the rack, and make solid decisions with the basketball.  Athletic young man who shoots very well from mid range and beyond the arc, but also can shimmy away from his defender and catch somebody slipping with a poster dunk.  Slender build should bulk up a bit and continue to work at being great on the defensive side of the ball.  We like the upside of this young man tremendously.


Kyle Owens
6’6 G/F
Class of 2019
ESPN Rating: N/A
Offers: 3

We continue to like the development and maturation of this young man.  Not only does he play the game the right way under Crespi Coach Russell White and Pump N Run AAU Coach David Rebibo (Harvard Westlake HC), he’s battle tested at Crespi, playing with studs and rubbing elbows with De Anthony Melton and Brandon Williams during his HS career.  Some of that should rub off on Kyle, and it has.  Kyle shows character, poise, and a high basketball IQ.  He doesn’t bring all the bells and whistles some of your flashier recruits might possess, but if a program is looking for a high character guy who plays multiple positions, willing to defend, and a team player who’ll boost team chemistry in the locker room, then Kyle is definitely your guy.

2019 Crespi Wing Kyle Owens (#3) leans his way for a layup over 6’8 So. Mason Hooks. Look for Kyle Owens to open up his game next season for the Celts.  Popscout.

We want this young man to begin to take off the reins he’s put on his game due to the fact he’s had to be a ‘Jack of all trades’ for his Crespi teammates the past two seasons. Now we want him to begin to take more shots, play free, and put your imprint on the game.  You deserve it young man.  It’s your time.  Look for Kyle to have a solid Summer AAU viewing period, drop on the radar of many more recruiters, and lead his team to another Mission League success story for 2018-19.

Elevate Yo’ Game

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