Game Recap: Harvard Westlake vs Crespi

Crespi defeated Harvard Westlake in front of a packed home crowd Wednesday night by a score of 78-68, letting everyone know in the Mission League who’s the Boss Hog midway through league play.   Arizona commit Brandon Williams was special.  Shimmying to the rack on numerous occasions while dropping dimes and pulling the bow and arrow on his way to 37 points.  That’s usually what catapults you to 5 star status and fans begin to label you as a cold assassin.  He appears to be back at 100% and hasn’t missed a beat.

Crespi Jr. Wing Kyle Owens leans his way for a layup over 6’8 So. Mason Hooks. Hooks anchors the middle for Harvard Westlake and provides a nice post presence indeed. Popscout

Harvard Westlake looks stout with Hooks anchoring the middle.  He’s a solid D1 recruit at this stage of the game and should continue working on his footwork and activity around the rim.  Huge upside for this kid.  On another note, we just love the development of Kyle Owens.  He plays multiple positions and provides a nice, patient, post game for the Celts who lack the size needed to compete down low.  Kyle provides that much needed punch as well as other players, as Crespi Head Coach Russell White ( and staff) does a tremendous job of not shying away from developing a post presence throughout the game, even thought the Celts may not have the bigs to do so.  It keeps the defense honest and allows for players to step out of their comfort zone, becoming well rounded.  Kudos Coach White and your coaching staff for thinking outside the box and preparing your players for the rigors of the game at the next level.


Johnny Juzang continues to develop very nicely and his killer instincts are beginning to show.  You could see him pull the trigger and then turn to the crowd with swag. He has the green light but we’re happy with his shot selection and the way he manipulates the defense, showing his craftiness with the rock off the bounce.  It was great to see two premiere players in Kyle Owens and Juzang go at it.

Take a look at a few highlights from Crespi’s 78-68 victory Wednesday, January 17, 2018.  Crespi moves into first play of the tough Mission league sitting at 19-2, 6-0.  Harvard Westlake drops to 16-3, 4-1. Crespi appears to be in the drivers seat for capturing another State title in their respective division.  O Yeah!

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