The Classic @ Damien: Popscout Scouting Reports

The Classic @ Damien 2017  showcased some of the best and brightest SoCal Hoops has to offer.  It gave us a glimpse of up and coming soldiers who stay in the lab, fine tuning their craft to become special.  Let’s break down the play of a few high performers from The Classic @ Damien 2017.


Chris Austin
6’4 SR G
Maranatha High
Class of 2018
Fordham Commit (Signed)

We love the upside of this young man right here.  Bouncy, rugged, 2G with a silky smooth touch from mid range and beyond the arc. Scores from all three levels of the court and has the body any D1 program would love. His game seems to still be growing and evolving, which is a huge plus.  Gets into a groove and scores in bunches but can be a bit streaky. Ball handling should be a focal point of his lab work and in-game situations, in order to develop elite handles and decision making skills, for possible PG rotation in college. We look for this young man to begin to assert himself, putting The Minutemen on his back, closing out his senior year with swag.  Has all the intangibles to be a sleeper at the next level.


Jarod Lucas
6’3 JR G
Los Altos High
Class of 2019

High energy scoring guard who thrives off the passion and intensity of his teams’ style of play.  Scores from myriad areas on the court, with long range bow and arrow accuracy. Stop and pop flashy guard, who also has the ability to get to the rack and finish. Should focus on his poise, as many elite PGs show advanced patience and decision making abilities.  On the ball defense could be a focal point in his development in high school, as every major D1 recruit has to be able to defend (on the ball) at the next level . Would love to see him truly run the PG position a bit more, initiating the offense, establishing a solid relationship with the nuances that come along with running the point. Top player in the Class of 2019.


Alex Garcia
6’4 SR G
Rolling Hills Prep
Class of 2018

Nice sized guard who handles the rock and does a lot for his Rolling Hills Prep team.  High IQ ball player learning under the tutelage of Coach Harvey Kitani. Deceptive, solid play-making abilities when he has the ball in his hands. Shoots well from 3pt land but looking for a bit more consistency to be called elite.  Would love to see him incorporate a few more defensive principles into his game such as sitting and sliding, help and recover, and reading and reacting on the fly.. Battled tested young man who’ll continue to grow (his game) and develop into a nice recruit by seasons end.


Jeremiah Martion
6’5 SR F
Cajon High
Class of 2018

If you’re looking for a mid sized PF, then look no further. Jeremiah may lack the true size of a traditional PF but he makes up for it with aggressive athleticism and will.   Handles the rock, getting to the rack and dunking on defenders or euro stepping his way for buckets.  Has the defensive presence to be a shot blocker and rim protector.  Good overall feel for the game. Rebounds/controls the boards and outlets or pushes to initiate the break.  Will need to develop consistency in his shot from mid range and beyond but has the confidence to pull the trigger. D1 recruiters should take a long look at this mid-sized PF.

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