The Classic @ Damien 2017: Rolling Hills Prep taking its bumps and bruises


Rolling Hills Preps went 1-3 during The Classic @ Damien 2017 while participating in the Gold Division of tourney play, losing 3 games by a combined 5 points – two of the games going into overtime.  It was a great chance for Coach Kitani to get his ball club battle tested, playing some of the top caliber teams on the CA HS Hoops bball circuit.  Rolling Hills Prep came up short on a few occasions, letting their ball club know that they’re possibly only a few adjustments away, from making another CIF Championship run.  Get back in the lab, step up your intensity during practice, and build on the knowledge you learned from The Classic @ Damien.

There’s only a few Legends remaining in the CA High School Hoops Arena. Former Fairfax (Los Angeles) coach Harvey Kitani of Rolling Hills Prep happens to be one. (Popscout)

The Classic @ Damien Results
Rolling Hills Prep High

12/26 vs Maranatha 56-49 W
12/27 vs Dominguez 45-44 L
12/29 vs Rancho Verde 44-41(OT) L
12/30 vs Santa Monica 55-52(OT) L

Next Game:
January 5 @ Lennox Academy

Where Legends are born


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