Popscout Scouting Reports: Taking away from a Big Stage.

Food for thought.

Are you able to step your game up and truly perform at the next level? Big time tournaments allow us to gauge our play and get back in the lab to make adjustments. Constantly fine tuning our craft to become great at what we do. PopScout

What do we take away from these big stage tournaments?  Girls Nike TOC, Torrey Pines Holiday Classic, City of Palms Classic, Les Schwab Invitational, The Classic @ Damien 2017, etc.  We, as an evaluator, get a birds-eye look into how players (and programs) truly perform under the big lights – simulating a real world college environment. It allows Popscout to take a look at your game for more than a day.  Identifying tendencies in your play, as well as habits that may be forming (whether bad or good) – all against other top notch performers.

One would argue that playing against the best is the only way to see where your game is truly at. Big time tournaments allow players to see where they stand against the best of the best. (Popscout)

It allows us to see the inner workings of your program from a ‘tactical’ standpoint.  How are you handling in-game decisions?  What strategies do you have in place – as a coaching staff – where you’re making the most out of situations, putting your pieces in the best places for them to perform. Or better yet, how do you work with the pieces that you have around your star players, to where you utilize their skill-sets to your teams’ advantage, molding them into a competitive unit, regardless of their caliber of play?  And the list goes on.

If you ever get a chance to see national powers live and up close, then do so. Nothing beats looking into the eyes of true Elite athletes, as they show up and show out on a big stage. Popscout

Slippery slopes indeed but a great challenge for those who have a passion for the game and an understanding that it’s much more than euro steps and 360 dunks. So you think we’re just over there taking it all in with a grain of salt.  Nope.  We’re actively monitoring your play and mentally taking notes on how it’s getting done.

Elevate Yo’ Game

Are there keys to success? Many teams continue to believe in a certain philosophy of play, which proves beneficial towards the success of their ball-club. Popscout

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