The Classic @ Damien 2017 Update: Damien continues to show resolve


Damien continues to bounce back after two tough loses against Sierra Canyon (La Canada Holiday Tourney) and St. Bernard during the Classic @ Damien.  The Spartans defeated Corona Centennial by a score of 81-58 Friday, December 29, 2017.  (Ouch! Cen10 must have ran out of gas – a young team showing true character in Las Vegas during the 2017 Tarkanian Classic as well as showing up and showing out this week during The 2017 Classic @ Damien). It shows the Spartans grow from their loses and continue to show resolve as a ball club. Developing that chemistry needed for championship runs.  Sometimes tough loses early on test the character of your ball club.  Not just from a player standpoint but from a coaching perspective as well.  Veteran coaches, having the ability to use tough loses as a motivational tool, is key towards the success of a championship caliber team.  It’s all about the journey at the end of the day.

Where Legends are Born.

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