The Classic @ Damien 2017: Images for my Family

At Popscout it’s not all about taking from kids.  We love to give back in the form of free scouting reports / mixtapes, game recaps, tourney updates, and images of your kids.  We understand that the Basketball Gods are watching.  Our site will never go subscription based.  Period.

We appreciate the sacrifice that parents make for their kids.
More action shots to follow as the weeks unfold.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Free images for my soldiers out here doing damage.  No one seems to be giving back these days with sky rocketing prices for tourney fees, admission, parking, etc. They see us coming and think we’re another person looking to make a fast buck.  Not.  We work full time as educators and only do this out of the passion of the you will see if you continue to follow Popscout and our journey towards greatness. It’s hard for many of us to see the light at the end of the tunnel.  Popscout recognizes that we all aren’t as fortunate as others.

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We truly appreciate your support.  If we are able to touch just one heart that that’s good for me.

Where Legends are Born


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