Slam Dunk at the Beach in Delaware Update: Harvard Westlake 2-0


Harvard Westlake is taking care of business in the State of Delaware.  The Wolverines have gone 2-0 during the Slam Dunk @ the Beach in Delaware.  Kudos young bucks.  Your coaching staff is doing a tremendous job preparing you young men to compete at a high level.  You’re blessed to have coaches who care about your progress on the court and also prepare themselves to teach at a high level.  Popscout sees you and recognizes your commitment and passion to the game.  The basketball Gods will take good care of you.

Harvard Westlake
Current Record:  12-2
CA Rank: 5
National Rank:  29

Tourney Wins:
12/19 Dillard 48-45
12/28 Cape Henlopen 48-37

Next Game 12/30 TBA



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