The Classic @ Damien In Game thoughts: Birmingham vs Corona Centennial

Platinum Division Day 2 Recaps hot off the presses.
Game 1 10am


Birmingham vs Centennial

6’6  Sr Guard Devonaire Doutrive is special.  Kid has the handles, shake n bake, and bow and arrow for a complete package.  Combo guard who is a nightmare match-up for most teams who try to check him with a smaller guard.  Should be a top D1 recruit – if not already – by seasons end. Birmingham may not have the bells and whistles as last years team, they still compete at a high level and work well as a unit.


Shaping into a battle tested squad with so many major tourney appearances.  Coach Josh Giles is working his magic, molding his team into the squads he wishes them to be.  Uptempo style of play fits their team to a tee.  Kids eating on the block, soldiers with the catch and shoot, and sound defensive principles will have Cen10 back in the mix come playoff time.

Centennial up at the half 46-42

Where legends are born

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