Chaminade wins 2017 Conquistador Classic

Chaminade Sr. F Jasmine Moore boxes out a Lady Conquistador during the first half of the 2017 El Camino Real Conquistador Classic. PopScout

Chaminade defeated El Camino Real 55-46 Saturday, December 23, 2017, to take home the ‘Ship of the 2017 El Camino Real  Conquistador Classic.  Chaminade improved to 4-2, while El Camino dropped to 9-5.  What a difference in games played at this point. before Christmas break, seeing that Elco. has already played 14 games versus ‘Nades’ 6.

El Camino guards were pressured all night into making costly turnovers. El Camino must develop a new identity – and fast – if they plan on making any noise in the CIF LA City Section in 2018. PopScout

El Camino must realize that, although the former coach may have been a bit persistent, allowing yourself now to ‘monitor your own play’, can lead to a recipe for disaster,  as witnessed yesterday  – at moments – during Championship play.  You young ladies could have beaten Chaminade, making some great runs and looking special at moments.  But in the end, it was unforced turnovers, a lack of focus, and frankly players not understanding truly what they should be focusing on to improve at this level and beyond.   Developing the understanding of focusing on ‘the love of the game’ and the proper way to apply it to your play.

#25 Kianna Hamilton-Fisher, who’s punched her ticket to Long Beach State, gets to the rack during the 2017 Conquistador Classic ‘Ship,  December 23, 2017. Continue to work on your craft Kianna. PopScout

We’re just outsiders looking in family, but it appears as though someone needs to be held accountable for your play on the court. Having yourselves be that entity, usually won’t result in ‘Championship’ caliber play.  Something for you ladies, coaches, faculty, and parents –  as well –  to ponder.  It looks as though Pandora’s box is wide open on the campus of El Camino Real, with regards to adjusting to their coaching change, new school/team philosophy, and just what they want as a program for their young ladies and community in general.

Elevate Yo’ game

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