Popscout Recap: Sherman Oaks vs Cantwell SH

Ziaire – like most Super Soph. – is still finding his niche on the court. Kid has all the intangibles but will need to develop a first step and sure up his handles to become a serious threat off the bounce. The Knights stayed together and pulled out a come from behind 85-77 win. A nice stocking stuffer indeed. Popscout

Wherewithal.  The art of finishing games becomes a built-in component for every successful ball club.  We shouldn’t take for granted these factors that are in place, allowing us to mentally stay focused and come away with the W.  Parameters must be adhered to, in order for them to shape our identity, becoming part of our DNA.   So what are you saying PopScout?  I’m saying that Cantwell Sacred Heart has developed this monkey on its back, by which they cannot finish games against quality opponents.


Up by a large margin in the 3rd quarter last night – on the road – Cantwell seemed to put things on cruise control.  They felt as though they had the game in the bag.  It appeared on surface they did – giving the crowd what they came for. Fast break -run and gun-type action. These kids from Cantwell are dynamic and run like thoroughbreds.  This might be their downfall, as it appears they don’t realize that you must work from bell to bell (a phrase we use in the classroom).  Not just starting strong but finishing strong as well.


Sherman Oaks ND was having serious issues with the athleticism of Cantwell. Nevertheless, they kept plugging away – as a unit -running their sets and believing in what they do – as a unit. Eventually tapping into those parameters, allowing a ball-club to stay poised and finish strong.  Resilience comes to mind indeed, as Sherman Oaks was able to ‘weather the storm’ and come away with a very nice win.  It’s going to be some great battles this year in the Mission League family.  With many, if not all, games going down to the wire, because of teams just like Sherman Oaks Notre Dame. Teams showing the resiliency and resolve to stay as a unit, until it’s all said and done,  Almost forcing the basketball Gods to bless them with the W.

Cantwell Sacred Heart is as dynamic a squad as you’re gunna see, in their respective division that’s for sure.  6’3 So. G Ian Martinez is special.  The fact that he doesn’t have the ball in his hands the majority of the time, is somewhat a detriment to this ball club.  We fell as though Ian should be making a few more decisions throughout the ballgame by running the PG position a little bit more than he does. This would build character among your team (as well as get him valuable experience he will need for the next two years) and allow your current PG to slide to the 2G where he can knock down the wet ball.


The current PG is nice…don’t get me wrong but he can also shoot the lights out and shouldn’t get into this push-pull relationship with running the PG all the time.  Sometimes things are a blessing in disguise young man, so slide to the 2G a little more often and let your boy Ian drop some dimes to you.  I guess it will also come down to how much we (as players/young adults) truly value the team concept and whether or not we’re willing to sacrifice a little bit of the limelight for the sake of the squad.  It also comes down to a coaching staff, willing to take a look at their pieces, and make the right adjustments as the season moves forward.  Popscout thinks you’ll make the necessary adjustments and come out on top.  Good luck.

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