Fairfax takes 3rd in ‘Iolani Classic


Big boys on a big stage.  Fairfax defeated Bishop O’Dowd 65-60 Wednesday night, to take 3rd place in the ‘Iolani Classic.  Many would say  the Lions came up short.  On the contrary, playing against high caliber teams and matching up with them – player for player – is special for Fairfax and Head Coach Steve Baik.  It let’s you know that all your lab work is coming to fruition.  It also gets your team battle-tested…getting those helmet stickers you feel me.  Playing a cream-puff schedule is cool, but you really want to see how your club handles adversity – and whether or not they can ‘Hold the Rope’, stick together as a unit, and continue to grow as a ball club – developing that ever so important chemistry needed come March Madness.  Have a safe trip back.

3rd Place ‘Iolani Classic (Honolulu)

Fairfax 65
Bishop O’Dowd 60

Dem Fairfax Boys
Fairfax is looking to Hold the Rope and bring home the ‘Ship during the ‘Iolani Classic tourney held in Hawaii. The team placed 3rd. (PopScout Graphics)

Elevate Yo’ game


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