Popscout Top Ten – Boys

December 17, 2017
Big Boy Division
12-20-2017 Update

Put up or shut up.  Who’s been in the lab will show, as Popscout begins to take a closer look at the DNA of squads who call themselves ELITE.  Everybody got an elite jersey you feel me.  PopScout Top 10 as of December 20, 2017 715am.

We look at strength of schedule, opponent win/loss, coaching qualities, various polls, our own feel for the game, and top players on a team, who may be able to enter the zone and make it happen – on any given night.

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  1. Bishop Montgomery – Keeps on truckin’
  2. Sierra Canyon – KMart Jr. is a beast…and still getting lab work done
  3. Fairfax – Dem Fairfax Boys on a mission
    Westchester – Any given night (players who can step up)
  4. Mater Dei  – Lost too many pieces
  5. St. Anthony – Coach Caveness is working his magic
  6. Oak Park – Hey, hey wait a minute ‘Mr Postman’ Riley Battin
  7. Pasadena – Best backcourt in the State?
  8. Harvard Westlake – Young and scary
  9. Damian – Shelton and co. run Coach LeDuc stuff to perfection
  10. Rancho Christian – Brothers are special? Upcoming tourneys should tell all


Looking in (in order):

  1. Santa Margarita
  2. Poly (Riverside)
  3. Cantwell Sacred Heart
  4. St. Bernard
  5. St. John Bosco
  6. Crespi
  7. Long Beach Poly
  8. Redondo Union
  9. Alemany
  10. Etiwanda
  11. Taft
  12. Corona Centennial
  13. Roosevelt (Eastvalle)
  14. Mayfair
  15. Beverly Hills
  16. Chino Hills
  17. Loyola
  18. Blair (Pasadena)

We went in and re-evaluated based on a few new coaches  – and veteran coaches –  who’ve stepped on the scene and brought their own passion and knowledge to their teams – or continue to keep the high level of play, regardless of the cards they’re dealt.  As a result, Blair (Pasadena), St, Anthony, Poly(Riverside), and Loyola have cracked the code, getting players to play at a high level under their philosophy of the game.


It shouldn’t take long for Cassius Stanley, the #2 player in the nation for 2019, to get back into the swing of things and figure it out for Sierra Canyon (CA). Image take during the 2017 Rolling Hills Prep Fall Classic. (PopScout)

Elevate Yo’ Game


  1. Not sure what preseason games you’ve been watching. St. Anthony’s already beat Damien twice and Oak Park once — without 3 transfers playing.

  2. Summer doesn’t count..and they only beat oak park by 1. We looking at other factors as well but give us time to get it right. Our next poll should be a lot more clearer.

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