Outside the Norm’: Maranatha vs Culver City

Culver City Head Coach Reggie Morris jr. during their game against Maranatha December 12, 2017. Not only does coach hold his players accountable for their actions, I get the feeling he holds himself accountable for his actions as well. (Popscout)

Throwback.  We here that term thrown around loosely.  If you’re looking for that description to fit a coach, then Culver City Head Coach Reggie Morris Jr. fits the bill.  How many coaches have the luxury of having their dad, Reggie Morris Sr, a legend in the Los Angeles Area for High School Coaches, who actually comes to games and supports his son by giving feedback through X’s and O’s.  Priceless, considering Coach Morris Sr. was a mastermind at getting the most out of his players and maximizing their playing potential.  I should know, having played for Coach Reggie Morris Sr. for a season at Los Angeles City College back in the days.  I guess we could say it’s in his DNA.


Popscout is concerned about the paradigm shift in the game of basketball,  evolving in the State of CA, in particular. On the surface, it would appear that Cali’ is locked and loaded, sending 5 Star recruits to D1 level schools by the bus load.  NBA Talent oozing all over the streets of LA.  But is that really the case??  Don’t wanna throw salt on an open wound but just something to ponder and keep an eye on in the next few years.

6’6 Sr. Forward Tavian Jones (#4) from the State of Arizona, sits while taking in the action. You don’t see this too often…a 4-5 star recruit being pulled for mistakes and having to pay for his actions through loss of playing time. Not too many coaches have the balls these days to pull the trigger on their top student athletes. (PopScout)


2018 Mixtape of Culver City vs Maranatha.  Game Played December 12, 2017 at Maranatha High.

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